1. EUROSTUDENT is an international survey aimed at monitoring the social and economic conditions of study at higher education institutions in European countries and the Czech Republic is a traditional participant. Information on all participating countries is available here.

2. Survey in the Czech Republic is supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, a member of the EUROSTUDENT research consortium.

3. Center for Higher Education Studies is an institution which carries out survey.

4. The target group are students of Bachelor's, Master's and long national Master's study programs of public and private higher education institutions. The survey does not include doctoral students, students of the distance form of study and students at state universities (the Police Academy and University of Defense in Brno).

5. The research was conducted as a census. Based on official student statistics, all students in the research were identified. As of 31.12. 2018 (decisive date), there were about 250,000 such students.

6. In co-operation with higher education institutions, students were asked to fill in a questionnaire, which was made available to them online by individual access code.

7. The questionnaire in Czech and English is available in Downloads section.

8. The survey took place at the end of the summer semester (May and June) of the academic year 2018/2019.

9. More than 34,000 respondents entered the questionnaire.

10. The number of analyzable questionnaires is 19,368. The minimum conditions for inclusion into the analysis were provided information about age, gender and affiliation to higher education institution, form and type of study. A detailed information about data set is available for download in the application.

11. Data were weighted using raking method. The student population data were used for weighting as follows: gender, type of study program, form of study, type of university, broad ISCED study fields.

12. For further information, contact Michaela Šmídová, [email protected]

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